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Escort 9500ix VS Beltronics GX65 Most Helpful Customer Review for Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

Escort 9500ix VS Beltronics GX65 Most Helpful Customer Review for Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

Escort 9500ix VS Beltronics GX65 

Which is better? Read and learn. I bought both the Escort 9500ix and Beltronics GX65 for a week, the dashboard, the comparison of the real world. They are both sold by the same company and they offer day money back guarantee 30 I thought, what the hell ..... I will try next to each other. These units are mounted both on the same level of the window of my truck.

I read all the reviews I could get my hands on and have reduced these two radar detectors. The Escort 9500ix and Beltronics GX65 models are presented as units with the new "GPS" party assembled the most sensitive window.

DISPLAY-Both units have the ability as low, medium, light, dark and automatically. The Escort 9500ix has blue lights. The bottom of the unit is black, but glows blue around the numbers, to the point of tilting the display a little. At night it is easier to read. The Beltronics GX65 has red lights with a pure black background. The GX65 display is crystal clear, day or night. Advantage Beltronics GX65. Meaning - Moderate.

Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector Product Description

Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector Product Description

Escort Passport 9500ix

The Escort Passport 9500ix is ​​an intelligent and effective radar detection. It detects all bands of radar speed control (X, K, Ka and Ku) front and rear, and its programmable GPS system ensures that you are not caught off guard by the pesky hidden cameras and radar. It even eliminates annoying false alarms. The GPS system uses the same satellite Passport can be used for GPS navigation to pinpoint your exact location and compares it to an embedded database red light camera locations and speed meter. As you approach a potential threat, the detector provides an instant audible and visual warning. Sound clear visual and voice alerts, a separate warning for each band of radar and laser, and traffic safety warnings. The brilliant blue LED alpha-numeric display is easy to read in bright sunlight, and features five selectable levels of brightness for optimum night or evening use.

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Getting to the final level T3i Customer Review for Canon EOS Rebel T4i

Getting to the final level T3i Customer Review for Canon EOS Rebel T4i

1. Getting to the final level T3i 

I have the T3i and I absolutely love the camera. Its feature rich and offers an amazing picture quality. I recently bought the T4i (body only) and I was very impressed with the first pressure on the trigger!

Cross the focal points of type:
Not only quieter and faster than the T3i trigger improved cross-focusing on all points is combined with the new sensor so faster and more accurate picture than the already good, but not great T3i. I rarely external focal points T3i because the focus is slow and unreliable, always his focus or manual focus for me. Not so on the T4i! Super fast focusing on all points and excellent image quality!

Touch Screen:
Excellent addition to any DSLR and it works great! All you can do from the main menu button on the T3i and the quick menu button can be accomplished by the touch screen interface on the T4i. ALL!

Autofocus constant:
I tested this feature with my existing lenses and yes, you have to hunt notice and hear the AF motor (which varies from the lens), but I have not used the new 4omm or new STM 18-135 lenses tested yet.

Custom White Balance:
I think this is new or I never used it on my T3i. A beautiful grid shows from the Quick menu, which allows you to set a custom white balance. No, it is not only the selection of options for white balance AWB, which is still available, but the custom piece seems to be a new feature. (I could very well be that one hurt)

The ADEP option was removed from the wheel. I rarely used, but it was nice with the foreground and background in focus option in the "manual" section of the dial.

I used to have a correction to the lack of digital zoom. Well, the last correction to my previous fix, there is in fact no digital zoom. At least I do not think it is. Recordable video mode you are still able to zoom in and to significantly expand the selected area, but if you start your recording, cropped or enlarged area disappears and your standard length are recorded.

The viewfinder has responded to a light yellow color as bluish color on the T3i. I can not say that I see if it's an advantage or not, but to investigate his noteworthy for them.

A friend asked me how I think it is better than the T3i T4i. The only answer I got it. "I considered a 60D to take advantage of faster shutter speeds and better focus (9 cross-type points) Show how these improvements work T4i I forgot everything the 60D" I know the 60D viewfinder better / better built and, but for my money, the T4i does the trick!

These are things I've found to make improvements and overall nice features on T4i should be, but you need to do as much research as possible. DPReview. com is an excellent information on the equipment of the device site, but the last time I have not checked with a hand on the review of certain preserved information from Canon. Another great, I mean great website is the digital-camera. com. Back again for a review, but I encourage you to go and take a well-informed consumer and be a better photographer!

2. Big update on my T3i Customer Review for Canon EOS Rebel T4i

I had my T3i for about eight months when he came, but I read the details and decided to pre-order. The new T4i just arrived today (body only), and I play around with the afternoon with my 50mm 1.4 lens.

All I can say so far is WOW - I am very happy with the autofocus to date, the touch screen and the new selection techniques discussed impressed. It is much less delay when you move the camera and what you see on the screen in live mode. Live mode is much "alive" feeling. When you turn the T3i direct mode, it would be a little rectangle you can move across the screen to ensure that the camera that you focus was. But with T4i this system is much more versatile. You can press the screen to instantly set a focal point, or you can move the box (which is much smaller and more accurate now - and follow your point of focus when you move the camera) to enable or you can "general approach" by getting rid of the little box and let the camera decide how to focus, similar to the way it works when you use the viewfinder want to photograph. If you do the "general approach", appear to be a series of small boxes on the screen so you know exactly which parts of the photos are sharp - the T3i does not do that and only rely on the positioning of the box homes.

The continuous autofocus during video recording works fine on my 50mm lens 1.4 - yes, the gravity of the engine was a bit noisy, but if you take pictures of landscapes or something where you can replace the audio with music are anyway noise non-motor problem. If you do interviews when the person speaks in a lav mic, it is still not a problem because the lav mic is too far away to pick up the engine noise. The engine noise is only a problem if you use the microphone, I would consider an "emergency only" mic anyway.

So, this means you do not need to use a lens STM continuous autofocus - the main purpose of STM technology, I want to know how to make it fast and quiet autofocus. Video autofocus with my 50mm 1.4 is what I would call "fast enough" - that is, it is a bit slow compared to a camcorder (and visible on the screen), but not so slow that it is my audience too much distraction from the content. The only time continuous autofocus will not do well in theaters, where it does not block at all, very fast. My 50mm 1.4 lens driven focus in very dark areas, so in situations like this, I would focus manually.

The video quality is excellent, as always. If you are used to the T3i video, it is just as bright and tends people and scenes better than in real life (using the 50mm 1.4 at least) - you have a video mode moved to be part of the on / off rather than the mode is where he was on the T3i and. This allows you to choose a mode on the dial, then turn video directly from there and use these settings. So you can easily make a video exhibition, automatic or full manual exposure mode video video program.

I also like to increase the ISO 12800, and the ability of the camera to take multiple exposures and combine them to eliminate noise and blur. It works fine for my needs. It is a small thing, but something I did not notice that someone else is talking about how much better the sound of the shutter. Somehow, it is more satisfying and remember the more expensive cameras.

HDR: I have a little device that HDR photos are uploaded to the image on this page, so you can see how good he was, the three images in three different exhibitions - the T4i can do in the camera no software required. He took three quick shots and edit for a few seconds, then the result is the image you see. The three originals are not recorded. To save them, you would have to manual exposure bracketing, which makes this device very good use. When you use the HDR mode, you only have good focus, then all the rest is done for you to be supported. Some of the images may well seem a little weird, but if you take 2 or 3 different versions depending on the focal points, you should get at least one, with lighting that does not seem very nice and looks in detail cartoon. One thing that surprised me is how a car in one of my photos came unexpectedly upon the scene, while she was there, three shots. The resulting image had no car at all. Pretty cool.

CONS: So far, the only thing I did not like the buttons on the Cam - somehow they feel cheaper and more fragile than the T3i. I will update this as I did not live up to discover something else.

Overall, I love the camera and I am very happy with my upgrade to the T3i. I'm very excited to see what can the new targets of the STM.

See Product Description Here

source amazon.com

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