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Epson WF-3540 working well so far Customer Reviews

Epson WF-3540 working well so far Customer Reviews

 Epson WF-3540 working well so far

7 June 2013 - In the fall of 2012, held my ole Canon printer works, and I was pretty disappointed to have to search online as many printer manufacturers promise to go to the moon but deliver just eat the ink turkey. So I went here to Amazon and searched. On all printers cost a brother monochrome laser jet and Epson WorkForce 845 is, where only genuine comments (Amazon Verified Purchase) were counted. I need the ability to print in color from time to time when most scanning 845 seriously wounded my interest. See the Epson website, I discovered the 3540 WF 845 in 2012/2013 rebuilt. So, with some trepidation, I ordered it on Amazon. Below is how I type it in several major areas:

Appearance - With its rounded edges and black facade, it looks really nice, it was my first impression. Would fit perfectly into any environment to measure executive office or at home. The touch screen is large, bright and easy to read (and darkens when it is not used). As printers go, it would be a 9 or 10 out of 10th

Manuals - When you open the box WF 3540, you get a quick start guide and a brochure immediate start to see the booklet. This will get you on copying, printing and scanning base in less than 15 minutes. However, both mention that if you go online on the Epson website, you can download the full user manual for the 333 page. This manual, which is again very detailed and addresses most of the problems that I see a lot of one-star reviews for this printer encountered. You can never recommend enough before calling the hotline. 10 of 10 for textbooks.

General characteristics -. For me, I run Windows 7 64-bit from both computers and Debian / Mint / Ubuntu on the other three I had the CD, downloading the latest drivers from the official website Epson and implemented in Windows 7, if it ok, good copy of the first printed, faxed and scanned fine though. (I have not tested until the fax only two weeks, but it worked perfectly) (For Mac operating systems, I have only tested with iOS 6 on our iPad (it worked very well) and have not been tested with Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion because I was the only Labour Code) To my surprise, also good with the three flavors of Linux, despite Epson indication on their website that can not work. I have to use terminal in Debian go through a scanning problem, but overall count myself lucky. The print speed is very close to the ISO of 15 pages per minute in black and white and color for about 9.3 to close. The ADF is good for me and the loading slot behind working paper for photo paper. This printer has two paper trays and will hold approximately 500 sheets when you fill it. This is very nice because you do not need to fool with reloading often. As functionality, 10 out of 10.

Wireless Capabilities - worked well with my Windows 7 64-bit systems. To my even greater surprise, he also worked with my Linux box, even my laptop running Mint. Also managed to make it right from my Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone and iPad to my wife. All three mobile printing options (Epson Connect, Google Cloud Print and Air) went very well for me. For me personally, I found it extremely easy to configure without wire, 10 out of 10. For your typical grandmother, who can be a little confused and need a little guidance, 7 out of 10.
(I will say that the number one problem many have set with the 3540 radio reading is to pilot plant installation and commissioning directions is crucial, especially if you want wireless printing with Windows 7 operating system, you must have to perform on the control panel .. - > Network and Sharing Center -.> Change Advanced Settings Sharing, and make sure that network discovery, file sharing and printer sharing are turned on and your network domestic (and, ideally, residential) are correctly Otherwise configure your wireless network laptop does not see the Epson WF 3540 (either stand-alone or connected to your computer via USB cable.) There is also an order of magnitude of the correct installation of printer drivers and if the Epson Connect after the package main drivers fixed it in writing the values ​​of the previous record in the kernel, and You need to the Setup Wizard on the Wi-Fi redo the touch screen of the printer. Similarly, Linux and Mac systems have their own favorite settings for wireless, and you have to be a little careful, or you will not see the 3540 WF in your network.)

Software - The software that I have tried, including PhotoPrint, Epson Connect, Event Manager and Download Manager everything works as promised. (From Windows 7). Unfortunately, these programs are not available for Linux users, but I knew that reading the article online. You have to say, apart from a few differences Linux, I was quite surprised by that. The iPrint software worked well for my Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. During the Thanksgiving holiday in 2012, I've tried Google Cloud Print and it works very well. You can also synchronize the software of Google Drive (cloud storage online).
Positive and negative on the WF 3540 is the number of packets. The good news is that each program is really a necessary function and programmed properly and runs on Windows 7 64-bit. The bad news is that the entire suite is very large (almost 750 MB installed), and you are left with about a dozen entries in my programs. You can choose which you want to install, fortunately, and some (like WebPrint Epson, Epson Connect, fax things and stuff online) are not really necessary if your main purpose only print, copy and scan. 9 out of 10 for me personally.

Ink usage - This has four ink tank for Epson 3540 ink pigment standard (not dye based) and the possibility of installing tanks and extra large capacity (these are the versions T127 T126 to smaller tanks) were compared. I did a little more than six months of 3540 and my black tank, while the three color tanks are about 75% to 25%. If you buy the official Epson (T126) Regular size of the cartridge, it costs $ 61 here on Amazon, which fill four colors or $ 73 when you use large tanks T127. In comparison with other major manufacturers, the prices are a bit higher than average. However, if you check InkToneram here on Amazon Find replacement ink, which normally costs $ 273 for the official Epson Ink for $ 18 (and past the ISO standards). I ordered and tested to find, it works very well. It is easy to pass massive savings.
May 20, has Epson firmware file FWD395TL published (Version # 13:45 CJ15D4) that some gurus of the printer on the word Internet was designed to prevent others after ink cartridges labor market. I update the firmware and tried again to find my cartridge InkToneram that they are always compatible, but I thought I'd mention here for the review. As with my previous Canon printers, with their coding of the firmware, all tanks were used for grayscale printing, resulting in the ink purchases costly and frequent strong tirades. With the Epson 3540, if you check the Print tab in the properties for grayscale printer, the Epson WF 3540 are in force only from the black tank (or if you printed tank color applications, it does so at a snail's pace). Epson thank you for not shafting me. About 7 out of 10, if you buy the official Epson Ink 10 and 10, when you buy quality unofficial ink.

Print quality - I also find print quality and photo playback to be very good, but I'm not an expert in photography. The few photos I printed on photo paper, it seems to me to be clear, bright and with excellent sharpness. If you are really high quality photo printing, you can connect a printer ink reservoir seven years. This is the category that I feel less able to give a good judgment. For the average user, 9 out of 10. For a specialist in photography, maybe 6 or 7 out of 10.

Durability - It has been nearly seven months so far and no erratic behavior, which bodes well. Most cheap printers are good for the first few months, then start to default, so I'll try to update this review, about once a month. I never give an initial computer product a five-star rating, so I'll wait and see how it continues to operate. The fifth star can not be obtained from the long-term sustainability. My relationship with local printers in the past decade was unhappy, and we hope that this Epson WF 3540 will be the beginning of a better relationship.

Overall impression - For less than $ 200, it is so far (fingers crossed) is proving to be positive I have a printer at home experience .... ever. The Epson 3540 is like the Swiss Army knife of printers. If everything still works in six months to a little more to the point than a year, I will pass this examination in five out of five stars.

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source amazon.com

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