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Top 3 Most Helpful Customer Reviews for Garmin nüvi 40LM 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps

Top 3 Most Helpful Customer Reviews for Garmin nüvi 40LM 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps

Top 3 Most Helpful Customer Reviews for Garmin nüvi 40LM 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps
1. Great Value! I am impressed!!!

I Garmin, Tom Tom, Sony and Magellan GPS in the last ten years. I returned to Garmin for my last two because they have by far the best interface. 

The maps included with this GPS are up to date. A restaurant that opened in the last six months on the list.

I found the screen size of 4.3 inches that the optimal size. It has a nice size keyboard and amazing graphics. It feels 'right' on the dashboard of a car.

The two features I absolutely need to have the speed limit on the screen and the lane assistant. The GPS time. This is my first Garmin out of three into a split screen mode and shows the interstate signage as you are on a tour on your itinerary as you go. Great feature!

The sound is loud and clear. It has many capabilities.

If needed, the device recalculates the directions quickly. I should also mention that it is very fast to acquire satellites.

The only thing that is not on the GPS is traffic. My last four GPS devices have traffic and I found that it was of limited value. More than 50% of the time, traffic has cleared and you are still worried. Alternative routes around traffic jams tend to be somewhat questionable.

Finally, what a great price! There is just one year, you would pay twice the price of a GPS with all the features you get with the Garmin 40 This is a great buy!

2.  A worthy upgrade

I upgraded from a Nuvi 205W that I had for 3 years. The 205W has certainly had a job, I work for a large cable company, so I drive every day and the 205W has never let me down, as he navigates 5 days a week 8 hours a day for the past three years. The battery is at the end of her life, when she was a little more than an hour and maps are updated for holding a charge. As the prices of GPS devices and are constantly falling with map updates for life, I could not justify the updated map on the unit three years old, when for a few dollars more, I took a new one if it is in the trade came.

I did not need all the bells and whistles such as Bluetooth, voice command / voice commands, MP3 player, etc. When shopping for a new unit, I was not sure I had the screen "as my old 4.3 on my face" 5 unit was next to the mirror mounted and about 22 ", and I could see the screen very well. B * B * ST is happening there to the 50LM version sold much cheaper than having smaller 40LM, so it was a no brainer. (I picked it up for $ 117)
After purchasing the camera, I had updated and ready for a walk in the house in 34 minutes. The update includes the installation of the web update, map update for life, recording device, updated maps and firmware, and reboot the device twice. Process very quickly and everything was absolutely perfect.
After effortlessly navigate in fact I left update process, I checked the points of interest, watched a pizza restaurant in town, and he took me there with zero mishaps, hiccups, diversions or incorrect routing. While on the highway, when approaching an exit, he cut into lane assist and junction view and exit signs, they are the exact same letters as the sign reads. Very impressive.
After reaching my goal, I want wanted to test the boats, so I've completely switched the appliance off and then turned back, I did it several times to get an average time to start, and I was ready to sail to "Where / Show map screen "in 13 seconds every time I turned it on.
With the side-by-side with my 205w 50LM they work very similarly (if you have one, you will feel with the new one), the 50LM faster, has smooth scrolling map, better tactile feedback on the screen and also if the resolution is the same, the 5 "screen of the 50LM is noticeably sharper, and the size difference is very sensitive volume is very high at 100%. could probably in a noisy convertible without problems One.'s all I've noticed the 50LM has very specific areas of speed, so I'm in a zone 35 mph, then it goes to 50, the device updates the acceleration zone on the screen in a second to physically pass through the door station.
While my horse 205w battle is still working perfectly after 3 years of continuous use, the 2012 units are a very worthy update, especially with map updates for life.

UPDATE *** UPDATE *** 12/23/2011
After a week of sailing since my first purchase, I am pleased to announce that it has zero hiccups, freezes, resets, accidents or damage that I can imagine. My device is used every day from 7.30 bis 16.00 clock and worked smoothly, if it did not find an address, and in his defense, that the address was an access road into the confines of a gated apartment complex. I can not keep the noise level and clarity of language, I have behaved during the journey and often look only at the arrow on the screen to get advice. The screen is very bright and I think for me it is a comfortable fit 40% brightness during the day or night driving.
The comparison with my old 205w, I speed and the sensitivity of the touch screen love much better, it's almost like SMS on the iPhone, only light strokes, while the 205W even after many screen calibration, takes 2-3 taps some keys to register it. Map scrolling is much smoother and faster, drag your finger across the screen in 2D mode and the map rolls smoothly, almost too quickly at times, I have the opportunity to remember scroll slowly, so as not to exceed my target area.
Just a reminder to the base model Garmin, no frivolous extra features make it hard or complicated - it navigates, and it works very well.

08.06.2012 *** UPDATE *** Today is my Nuvi50LM had to be replaced. He led me to my destination job as always, but in my work, I turned the camera to the address of my next job be and I had a black screen with a small logo GARMIN I've tried rebooting several times and never got beyond the first logo Screen. Luckily I have found a few miles from the Best Buy store where I bought it, they happily exchanged for a new one, no questions asked. The news had the latest maps loaded, I just need online, which took about 10 seconds for the site communicator register automatically detects the model and serial number. In the hope that the new plants as well as the last.

3. Still Recommended (but with reservations on this unit)

Over the years I have used contains several GPS units, Garmin, Magellan, and Mio brands. Overall, Garmin is typically the best and most accurate and that is why I used the latest Black Friday sales in this unit due to the function of map update included with it is updated.

Say no more new Garmin devices: "Recalculating" when you deviate from playing, he exhibited for you. They supposedly just begin to give you new ways depending on the direction you are then able to direct you to your destination. In the case of this model, however, I have the "quiet recalculating" feature considered less accurate than Garmin I have used in the past. In my neighborhood, established Atlanta when I deviated from the planned route, he said nothing. I could see to follow the purple route, went in the opposite direction, and the Garmin remained without new road on the screen and again until I was maybe almost half a mile from the road. At this stage, it is finally expelled and I began to get back on track. On the other side, but my Android phone with Google Maps, and my great Mio brand immediately recalculated the route once I deviated, and brought me back. While in another part of the city, if I deviated from the main road, he tries to lead me through a subdivision of the house and make a U-turn back instead of recalculating a new route forward ( even if I had the U-Turn "off" option). Android and Mio units rerouted me forward without trying the turn. That's it, I'm going after a system reset and update via the computer (which was a Garmin employee via a medium by registered mail).

The point is, you're not likely to be lost (good, bad), if you use this device. There will come directly to your destination, but there could be some odd choices along the way compared to older models / other, especially when / if you deviate from it is provided to routing. On the positive side, the screen is bright, loud, it locks onto the GPS signal quickly, and the graphics are clear and easy to see when you're driving. Side Note: you can download from your computer to the device, if you want some other voice options. I would use the unit 3 1/2 stars if it was an option, but for 3, because in a city like Atlanta, the ability and right of a unit recalculate is very valuable to work with the difference to try to turn this city traffic (ie Magellan hurt here - they are known to try to force you U-turns). If you are the price ($ 79 - $ 84) for the Friday black level, it can happen, it would not be the worst gift ever - but its better when the proposed normal retail price of $ 149.00, could other units in calculating this bit, so research before you buy.

NEW: Someone here has me a note if you download other voices and they somehow change that changes the accuracy of the maps. Well, it seems strange to me, as a chance to single voice, should have no influence on the accuracy of the map - but I tried. Took the male British voice and indeed, one of the periods I mentioned above stopped happening (?), But when I chose the British female voice, suddenly the Garmin stopped recognizing a major road 4 channels in my area and called it by the name of a small artery two miles away! (Repeat the procedure? ..). Maybe my unit is defective only but if this is the last card in Garmin source they use - to avoid one of the latest models that I could. Ouch. I update my stars 3-2 accordingly. Sorry.

source amazon.com

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